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How long will it take me to rent my home?

The following are items all factor into rental market time for your home:
  1. Condition - We rent homes in many different conditions. However you find that a well maintained home with fresh paint and carpet rents much quicker than one that is a mess. There are many homes we simply will not accept because we don't believe we can attract a decent tenant if we have to rent it in the condition we receive it in.
  2. Pricing - Pricing is a sticky issue. We always try to maximize price and don't mind trying for a little bit more. However you need to know your cost per day for having a home vacant (Monthly costs / 30) and make adjustments quickly based on what the market is saying. If you can rent a home with a 1,000 payment 2 weeks cheaper and get the tenant to stay a 2 years and instead of 1 years simply because you lowered the price by $50 then you are getting a huge win. Many landlords are stuck on a price but don't realize that you can't defeat the market. Also over pricing the property can often limit your selection to only less sophisticated lower credit individuals who don't know how to price check properties and will stay a shorter time and possibly do more damage. Please visit this link to have us give you a free price quote: http://propertymanagementoh.com/rental-quote/
  3. Time of month - You will find more move ins happen at the beginning and endings of the month. However you will find the times peoples start looking vary depending on the price range they are looking in. Tenants looking at the lower end often times start really looking two weeks before they have to move. While you will find tenants looking at higher end homes often try to reserve a property 35 to 40 days before they intend to move because they actually intend to give their current landlords 30 days notice. 
  4. Time of year - Tax refund time and back to school time are the two busiest times for in most markets for renting.
  5. Area - As a general rule, larger markets seem to get a lot more calls and rent quicker. There are also certain cities that people want to live in. Schools make a big difference, especially when getting ready to start a new school year. 
  6. Marketing and sales exposure - It really helps to have a company that specializes in these things. See: What do you do to lease my home quickly?