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What is your average rental time?

This is a great question. We found that rental time depends on quite a lot of factors. As I type this our average rental time is about 30 days. However there are certain seasons that it gets closer to 35 days. Not only does the season play a part but also things like the condition of the property the pricing that we ask and of course the way that we expose the property. One of the benefits of working with Realty Trust Services is that you can be assured we will expose the property extensively. We constantly monitor market time and we collect feedback from the market which we  present in weekly reports so you can adjust to that unmovable force called the market.  We are constantly experimenting with new and innovative ways to lower the market time for our clients. Other than lowering the price here are a few things that we oftentimes suggest to our clients in order to rent their property quicker:
  1. free 42 inch TV
  2. a deposit special
  3. we offer to help pay moving cost
  4. sometimes it simply needs a little bit of freshening up which we can recomend
  5. actually we have a whole list of ideas which we offer
Sometimes we just have to experiment with the proper marketing combination. For instance the main selling point of a property could be the school system or other times not. In certain markets it might be a big deal that there is a specific feature. These things might all be always be obvious but were going to continue to try until we crack the formula to market your house.  

We've had homes where we literally collect a deposit before we'd even put the home on the market and there have been other homes that are just really hard to rent and have taken more than 60 days. Ultimately your home is unique and we agree to treat it that way.