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What is the process for moving in?

So you like a property and you want to rent?  What do you have to do?
  1. First you fill out an application (see http://ForRentOhio.com/applications.
  2. With your application make sure you include as much information including documentation proving your income verification of your identity and anything else that we ask for. If you feel off the application online you can actually simply drag-and-drop any scanned documents right into the application.
  3. Once you're approved you can call the office (440 – 324 – 5275) to make payment to hold the property and sign the premises hold fee sheet thus reserving the property. You can also reserve the property via electronic payment and sign the premises hold fee sheet using e-signature by going to http://propertymanagementoh.com/premises-hold-fee/ Also make sure you schedule a move-in date and lease sign date immediately as we need 2 days notice in order to prepare a lease..
  4. You'll be given a checklist of utilities that need to be transferred before you move in and any additional documentation that need to be provided before moving as well as money due at move in. All money must be certified check or money order. We don't accept personal checks at move in.
  5. Normally you will sign your lease on the same day you get keys, pay any balance due and move in!  Walla! Welcome to your new home.