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When will I be paid?

This question has several parts and variables that make answering this question is not completely straight forward.  We only pay out when we have tenants rent in hand an any bank holds on payment have been removed. In a perfect world your tenant would pay on the 1st of the month it would be immediately available at our bank and at our next weekly payout your payment would be initiated.  Often times with electronic payments by tenants there will be a 7 day hold on incoming funds before we can then pay out which will be the biggest delay to owner if tenant pays on time Since we pay out once a week, and provide a weekly owners statement to keep you informed, you don't have to wait for the monthly or quarterly payments.  If you are paid by paper check they are sent out by weeks end and so long as the post office does not lose or damage your payment you should have it early in the week.  If you are paid by ACH, payments typically go out on Thursday or Friday and reach your account either Monday or Tuesday.