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What is included in management fee

Please consider the following management benefits you can expect from us:
  • We handle all utility transition issues to protect you from utility bills that don't get transferred and go into your name.
  • For utilities that are forced into the owners name by the utility provider, we handle the billing and keep track of that for you including collections.
  • We can make monthly payments to the tax authorities so that you don't have that as a budget busting yearly expense that always seems to sneak up on you. Obviously if you have mortgage you probably don't need that, however if you like we can pay your mortgage. 
  • We offer multiple payment methods to to make it convenient for your tenants to pay and thus get you your money faster.  These include online payment payments, payment via mail and payment via drop box. 
  • We do WEEKLY payouts of incoming funds (note that some times electronic tenant payments can have holds of up to 7 days.)
  • We do not require a reserve although we we will maintain one for you if you prefer that.
  • We manage and account for incoming and outgoing funds with easy to read statements.
  • Our bookkeeper and CPA come in every week on separate days to help keep your finances running smoothly.
  • You are protected by a fully licensed company because attached to our license is a $40,000 automatic real estate recovery fund in addition to $1,000,000 in E & O insurance.
  • Your money goes through our state audited trust account for your protection and the tenants protection. 
  • Our highly specialized corporate attorneys are there for us to help keep you out of trouble.
  • Tenants get our number, not yours and you are shielded from undesirable tenant interaction.
  • 24 hour availability for emergencies with loyal workers we can dispatch to take care of emergency issues immediately.
  • Our loyal in house maintenance department of 10 full time workers are ready to be sent to you quicker than a company that hires everything out.
  • The maintenance team separately has $1,000,000 in insurance for your peace of mind.
  • We make use of high technology such as SMS and voice broadcasting as well as good old fashioned face to face house visits and phone calls to help remind tenants to pay their bills on time.
  • We promptly deliver 3 day notices and other tenant statements necessary for collecting at no extra charge to you.
  • When necessary we will initiate eviction proceedings promptly to get non paying tenants out, prep your property and get it rented and paying you ASAP!
  • When a tenant vacates a property either per the lease or in violation of the lease, we handle itemization of repairs and return of any deposit if applicable and otherwise appropriately  account for any monies still owed by the tenant.

  • Our relationship with a national collections company allows us to report those delinquent leftover amounts owed to you by tenants as well.  They will hunt deadbeat tenants and pursue 2nd cause of action in court to return you the maximum amount of money rightfully due you.

Our experience with a portfolio of more than 500 units, gives you peace of mind knowing we can professionally handle your important high value assets. We appreciate you considering our company.