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Do you guarantee our tenants will always make the payment and will not damage the property?

It has been asked if we will guarantee that a tenant will not damage the property. There are risks inherent to landlording that are choices owners make when they engage in the practice, with or with out a management company. Realty Trust Services is a management company not an insurance company. If you can not afford the risk you SHOULD NOT take that risk and SHOULD look at alternatives other than being a landlord. Tenant damaging the property and tenant non payment of rent both are things we can't guarantee because we simply are not able to fully control another human being. However using screening techniques and following up with tenants we can help mitigate these very real land lording risks and that is why that is part of the benefits we bring to the table as a management company.

While we strive to have all our tenants pay rent early through online payments, 7/11 or Ace payment locations, send out SMS and voice mail blasts to remind them that payment is due, make personal phone calls  we also provide 3 day notices which can incentive's tenants to pay there is no way for us to guarantee that the tenant will pay rent.  We do make every effort to collect rent on your behalf and to mitigate your loss of rent.  We also seek to quickly get property repaired and ready for market as soon as possible for a reasonable price when it becomes vacant. 

We do offer a tenant guarantee however which you can find in our management contract (http://propertymanagementoh.com/pma).  It is intended to help save you money if a tenant does default on their lease. Specifically in if they default in months 1 to 6 of the lease we will not charge a placement fee again to find the next tenant. For months 7 through 12 defaults we will only charge 1/2 of the placement fee.

There was a point in which we offered tenant payment insurance (Paid up to 6 missed payments and $1,000 in eviction costs). However that insurance product although very useful, was pulled from the market in Ohio by the underwriter.