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Costs or fees to tenants?

  • Late fees - Currently there is a late fee on the 5th of the month ($25) and again at some time between the 8th and the 13th when we pass out 3 days. Normally we are evicting on the 20th so we are accessing a late fee because at that time you are beeing assessed attorneys costs and court costs. 
  • Manual payment fee - When you don't pay online there is a cost of $5 because of the time and effort it takes to manually enter your payment and deposit it at the bank.
  • Ace cash express or 711 - $3.99 cash payment fee
  • Bounced check fee - Normally about $35 although bank might charge more.
  • Responsible for monthly rent amount - Obviously you have to pay our rent. 
  • Any cost of fixing damage to property by tenant or due to tenant negligence - Any damages incurred by tenant negligence or misuse of property or by that of visitors allowed in property by tenant will charged to tenant.
  • Any pet fees agreed upon monthly or one time - There is usually a $25 per month per pet fee. This may very per owner / property.
  • Premises hold fee - This is the fee we charge to take hold your property for you. If you move in then it is applied to security deposit and / or first months rent if it is more than security deposit.