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What does Realty Trust Services expect from its tenants?

In exchange for a safe and comfortable home to live, we expect the following from our tenants:
  1. On time payment- Rent is due on the first. If you are not able to afford to pay on the first please consider renting a unit that is more affordable. It would also be helpful to save some money so you have a cushion if things go wrong.
  2. Take care of the home- This seems obvious however we are finding that for many residents, it is not. If you spill something on the carpet and leave it there it will leave a permanent stain and which we will charge to you. If you immediately dry it up usually the carpet can be salvaged. Treat the property with respect and the owner will know and things will be much smoother.
  3. Proactive communication- If you have any issues or problems, call us up, tell us and ask for help. We might not always tell you what you want to hear, but at least there will be communication. When people demonstrate proactive communication and a desire to work with us, we will seek to make a solution that works for tenant and owner.
  4. Positive member of community- Tenants in our homes, reflect on our owners. Please be respectful of your neighbors both in demeanor and with the way you live. I.e. keeping a trashy yard is disrespectful. Playing loud music is disrespectful. Dealing nor doing drugs out of a home is disrespectful.