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What things do you do to my lower vacancy rates?

Our standard lease includes a requirement for tenants to give 60 days notice before if they don't want to renew there lease or stay in the home after the lease. If they do give that notice they are required to show the property at pre agreed times at least 3 times per week until tenant vacates. If tenant doesn't prepare home for showing landlord can hire a cleaning service and bill tenant as well as hold tenant liable for damages caused by tenant not making property available. This helps you lower turn over. Also our high energy marketing helps lower time your property is on the market. We attempt to get our crews in quickly to get properties ready upon vacancy for re-rental. Also our whole process is designed to retain your current tenant. Most tenants don't want to have to show a property for 60 days before leaving so that discourages them from leaving. We also have 60 days to try and convince a tenant to stay and see what there issue is and we have had good success at getting tenants to extend another year.